Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Virtual Nomads

Why do we play video games? We play video games for a social experience. Games can be after all part of the greate social network of the Internet. We play with others because it is more fun. Are social networks a bad things and can such social stimulation be addictive? Perhaps. Games start to become addictive when the player starts to feel compelled be there. The virtual world can be great and terrible. Not only is a product of our genius, but it costs virtually nothing to contribute too. It is something that we can get sucked into and lose our way. Most of us cannot do anything without our computers. The virtual world is has become our lives now. But we are humans, and no man is an island. We can't get all of our social fulfillment from video games. Eventually we feel that need and we come out into the light eventually. Do video games have lasting value? We play for many reasons: to relax, to create, to feel acomplished when we win, but mostly because we are bored. It is much easier to play a video game then it is to go out and make a new, real friend, or to learn a new skill. We lose ourselves if we lose the desire to innovate.

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  1. Some video games have allowed social interactions that weren't once possible, but it has come with a cost. Social media has turned into a large game (literally) and now people must deal with it's addicting nature in order to reap its benefits.