Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tinkerers' Market

There has been a trend over the years that women have an aversion to the field of Computer Science. Women receive about half of undergraduate degrees in mathematics, physics and other science related fields but only about 20% in Computer Science. Researchers have determined that women are not drawn to to the study of computers because it is more of a tinkerers' field then an actual science. Early Software Engineers such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates all got their start as tinkerers. Today Computer Science books give solutions but offer the student to try it on there own in a trial and error approach to solve the problem. Women have been driven out of computer science because there is not an agreed-upon body of knowledge that defines the field. 57% of men are drawn to Computer Science because of tinkering compared to the 16% of women. The study of computers should become a field of a science instead of a field of tinkerers.

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